DUSHANBE, June 1, 2015, Asia-Plus – Several radical Islamic TV channels now broadcast to Tajikistan from abroad, Tajik journalist Nourali Davlat told Asia-Plus in an interview.

“These are Ahli Bayt , Tavhid , Fadak and Nour and Visoli Haq joined them this spring,” said the journalist.  “These TV channels are engaged in brainwashing the youth in the Islamic world, especially in the Persian-speaking countries – Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.”

“Both Tajik and foreign media outlets note that these TV channels are used by their founders to breed strife between followers of four main mazhabs (schools of thought within fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) in Islam,” Nourali Davlat noted.

According to him, some experts assert that the United States and the United Kingdom are behind these TV channels.  “Anyway they [experts] are convinced that these companies are registered in these countries.”

“Meanwhile, Afghan newspaper 8 Subh says this radical Islamic TV channels broadcasting to Afghanistan and Tajikistan have been established by Arabic sheikhs from the Persian Gulf countries,” said the journalist.  “According to the newspaper, the Arabic sheikhs intend to spread war from Afghanistan to Central Asia’s countries.  For this, the radical Islamic TV channels use problems existing in relationships between the governments and Muslim communities, in particular the problem of wearing beard or hijab, which is widely discussed in Tajik society.”

8 Subh notes that the main task of those four TV channels broadcasting their programs from Arabic states in the Persian language is in intensifying radicalization in the Central Asian region.

Thus, Visoli Haq propagates Salafi ideas and breeds strife between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Tajik society.