DUSHANBE, July 28, 2012, Asia-Plus -- There was no necessity to launch a large-scale military operation in Khorog, academician Mamadsho Ilolov, President of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, told Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service in an interview on July 27.

“Of course, a criminal must be brought to justice.  The law enforcement authorities, however, failed to cope with the task on detention of the criminals.  As a result, a military operation was launched,” said Ilolov.  “I think tat there was no necessity to carry out military operation.  It is inexpedient to carry out the military operation in the city with population of at least 30,000.  They should have studied this issue thoroughly and found other methods to detain the criminals.”

According to him, the power-wielding ministries have made a decision to launch the military operation in Khorog.  “We explained them that there is no necessity to carry out such an operation.  There was possibility to take other measures.  The military operation should have been the last measure.”

Ilolov said that he was in Khorog from July 22 to July 24 by order of President Rahmon.  “We met with Ayombekov and Imomnazarov and explained them that murderers of General Abdullo Nazarov should be handed over to the law enforcement authorities, but they did listen to us.”

Academician Ilolov considers that Ayombekov has been involved in criminal activities for many years, receiving support from some forces.  “Unfortunately, some representatives of the power-wielding bodies were collaborating with him and as a result of this, we today have such a situation,” Mr. Ilolov said.

Asked about civilian deaths, he noted that he did not have exact information about civilian casualties.  “To-date, eleven civilian deaths have been reported,” Ilolov said.

Meanwhile, he considers that the number of militants in Khorog is some 100-150 people.  “They are armed, and I think, they have received weapons from that side of the river.  They have patrons there [Afghanistan].  Like before, some political forces are also supporting them.  I think they are financed and used for the purpose of destabilizing the situation in Tajikistan,” Ilolov stressed.