Organized by Tajikistan Mountaineering Federation and Safed-Dara Ski Resort, the first-ever open festival for ultraligths, dubbed “Parastui Avvalin” (The First Swallow), will take place in Safed-Dara Ski Resort on June 16.  

Local and foreign paragliders will participate in the festival demonstrating aerobatics.

By the way, the festival organizers promise that all amusement activities on this day will be offered in Safed-Dara with a 30-percent discount.  

If you have problems with transport, you can book transfer by the following telephone number: +992 44 601 3030.  

Safed Dara (formerly Takob) is a ski resort located on the Safedorak Plateau at heights from 2,100 meters up to 3,000 meters above sea level in the Varzob district, some 50 kilometers north of Dushanbe.

In 2015, the Takob ski resort was renovated and a new name was given: Safed Dara (it means white valley). The old sovietic hotel completely renovated was open on January 7, 2016.  The two T-bar lifts of 1000 meters each are working.  A new kid park is also working with a new baby-lift.