The opening ceremony of the 16th Eurasian Media Forum took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on May 23.

The three-day forum, which is taking place on May 22-24, has reportedly brought together more than 600 government officials, scholars and journalists from more than 50 countries to share their opinions on acute global issues.

The theme of the 16th Eurasian Media Forum is “The World Today: Transforming Reality?”  The theme echoes global current conditions such as the China-US trade war, Brexit, terrorism, deglobalization and the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

In this context, the forum is covering a wide range of sessions and discussions including regional integration in Central Asia, new development models, consumption crisis, the age of AI, global power balance and the marijuana issue.

In addition to sessions and panels, there are a series of master classes from world media experts. Master classes include training for journalists on environmental journalism, film producing, creating inclusive realities, freelance journalism, news visualization, mobile journalism and generational peculiarities of audiences in TV and digital media.  These thought-provoking classes are good opportunities for journalists worldwide to share their opinions and experiences.

On the first day of the forum, a roundtable entitled “Regional Integration in Central Asia” took place.  Professor from the Russian-Tajik Slavic University (RTSU), Homid Saidov participated in that roundtable meeting.  

Professor Homid Saidov

Launched in 2002, the Eurasian Media Forum is an international discussion platform that sheds a spotlight on important global issues.  The annual forum brings global opinion leaders together to discuss the global economy, politics, environment, culture, and media.  The Eurasian Media Forum also provides a platform for countries to better understand each other. 

The Forum is an open dialogue on the most pressing topics of the present, with the participation of the most significant figures in the global media space, opinion leaders and recognized professionals in different fields.