Tajik tourist police have opened an information office at Dushanbe International Airport.

The office will offer legal consultation and brochures containing information that could be useful for tourists arriving in the country. 

The office will also make available information about services offered by the tourist police, insurance companies and mobile operators.      

Tourists also can hire a tourist police for accompanying them during their travels.  To hire a police officer for providing security for tourists, tourist companies will pay to the Interior Ministry at the rate of 250.00 somoni per day.  

In Tajikistan, a tourist police force was reportedly launched several months ago,

By president’s decree the tourist police unit was established at the Interior Ministry environment department.  The Tajik tourist police unit performs tasks related to providing security for tourists, protecting tourists’ interests, accompanying tourist groups, and informing travelers.

At the request of foreign tourists, tourist police officers can accompany them during their travels.  

Six tourist police units operating across the country now have staff of totaling 68 inspectors.