A two-day training for employees of local system of the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan on the actions for prevention, elimination and respond to domestic violence cases is concluding in Dushanbe today.

According to the European Union (EU) Delegation to Tajikistan, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia - Tajikistan (EFCA - Tajikistan) is conducting the training within the EU-financed project, Improving the Framework for Reporting and Resolution of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Tajikistan. 

The training participants are district police inspectors of 15 target districts and 14 inspectors for the prevention of domestic violence of the system of the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan, who are learning content and use of the Instruction "On the organization of the work of employees of the internal affairs bodies in preventing, suppressing and responding to cases of domestic violence."

The main purpose of these trainings for police officers is their timely awareness of the availability of this Instruction.  Experts are explaining the using and the establishment of a system of redirection and interaction between the subjects of local executive bodies of state power.

These skills are intended to simplify, as well as to establish a system of timely response, prevention and assistance, if necessary, redirection to the essential state structures.  All these are being done to provide the highest quality legal, psychological, medical, and protection of the rights of people who have been subjected to violence in the family.

EFCA – Tajikistan makes every effort in the implementation of this project, as well as for a sufficient amount of time, is interested in its correct implementation in the system of state bodies and internal affairs bodies, and is always ready to cooperate in order to cooperate in the implementation of this instruction.