The construction of the command and control tower of Dushanbe airport will be completed ahead of schedule - in February 2019. Earlier it was planned to put the object into operation in late summer next year, a source in the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan reported.

According to the plan, the height of the tower should be from 36 to 41 meters, but as a result of the corrective amendments the height of the object will be 42 meters. To date, the construction of 32 meters of the object completed.

Earlier it was reported that for the construction and equipping of the command and control center the French government had allocated a grant of 3 million US dollars. However, according to the Ministry of Transport, Paris will allocate about 6 million euros for the construction of the facility.

The ceremony of laying the first brick in the foundation of the building of a new command and control center at the international airport of Dushanbe was held on March 14, 2018.

The project was developed by French specialists taking into account the views of the Tajik side.

This important strategic construction of civil aviation in Tajikistan, sponsored by the French government, is being built by a French company «Мarc Meunier».

The construction of this tower will increase the level of safety of flights. The project complies with all international standards and can withstand a nine-magnitude earthquake, are convinced in the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan.