Sada festival will be celebrated in Tajikistan on January 30.  The main events dedicated to this festival will take place in Dushanbe.

In Dushanbe, the main events dedicated to the Sada festival will take place in the Peoples’ Friendship Park. 

The celebrations are organized by the Dushanbe mayor’s office and the ministries of culture and agriculture.  

Fairs of agricultural goods and handicrafts as well as concerts will be organized in Dushanbe on the occasion of the Sada festival.   

Sada (Sadeh in Persian) is an ancient Iranian festival that dates back to the first Persian Empire, Achaemenid Empire.  Sada celebrates 50 days before Navrouz. Sada in Tajik means “hundred” and refers to one hundred days and nights past the end of summer (or the beginning of long-winter known to start at the end of summer in ancient Iran).  Sada is a mid-winter festival to honor fire and to defeat the forces of darkness, frost, and cold.