Tajik President Emomali Rahmon has called on rich Arab nations to support developing Muslim countries.  He, in particular, proposes to create a special fund that would replenished due to contributions of advanced Arab nations. 

Inaugurating the Second Session of the Arab Cooperation and Economic Forum with Central Asia and Azerbaijan Arab in Dushanbe, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, in particular noted today that the majority of advanced Arab countries mostly focus on trade and investment in the Western countries.  “Alongside with this, our states, including Tajikistan, have great cooperation potential in various areas, which we can jointly use with the Arab countries by taking into account our mutually beneficial interests,” Tajik leader noted.

Emomali Rahmon proposed to establish a special Fund that would be replenished due to contributions of advanced Arab countries.  According to him, the collected funds, in case of necessity, could be spent to support the developing Muslim countries.   

He noted that Tajikistan considers the Arab countries among its important partners in the international arena and continuously attaches significant importance to development and strengthening of good relations with them.

Emomali Rahmon said that currently Tajikistan’s cooperation with the Arab countries has been expanding.

“However, I have to note that we do not have appropriate commercial, economic and investment cooperation in place yet,” Tajik leader noted.

According to him, the share of Arab countries in Tajikistan’s overall trade currently makes only 1.5% while the Tajik authorities constantly encourage and call on Arab countries for wider economic presence and proactive participation in investment and joint use of abundant resources of Tajikistan.

He noted that Tajikistan had adopted National Development Strategy to 2030, which reflects our strategic objectives.

The core of this document is reportedly industrialization of Tajikistan and it prioritizes the effective operation of the real sectors of economy, human development and diversification of production.

“Therefore, attracting direct investments and the latest technologies for effective use of Tajikistan’s huge hydropower resources, turning it into a transit country and ensuring high level of public living standards as well as expansion of public employment in the production sector are among our priorities,” Tajik leader said, noting that implementation of important promising projects on production infrastructure, including regional projects in hydropower, infrastructure, industry, metal processing, agriculture and other real sectors of economy can serve as the basis for our fruitful cooperation.

“Tajikistan has huge untapped hydropower potential and it is ranked as the 6th country of the world in terms of generation of green energy with the use of renewable sources.  The use of these resources is an important source of green economy formulation and effective management of other pillars, including water resources and environment can ensure sustainable development.  We are keen to use these resources for the benefit of our country and the entire region.  The Government of Tajikistan has been continuously undertaking measures in this regard, Rahmon added.

Representatives of 28 countries are participating in the ongoing Second Session of the Arab Cooperation and Economic Forum with Central Asia and Azerbaijan Arab in Dushanbe, which is expected to result in adoption of the Dushanbe Declaration today afternoon.  

The First Session of the Arab Cooperation and Economic Forum with Central Asia and Azerbaijan was held three years ago in Riyadh and it adopted the Riyadh Declaration.