By president’s decree of October 13, 2016 a number of commanders of the National Guard of Tajikistan were replaced.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jourakhon Bobokhonzoda was appointed commander of the 1st Special Rapid Reaction Brigade of the National Guard, replacing Colonel Ismatullo Odinazoda.

Colonel Odinazoda was appointed commander of the 2nd Special Brigade of the National Guard.

Formed on December 4, 1992, the National Guard was originally a special forces unit known as the Brigade of Special Mission under the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan.  During its first years, the Guard underwent serious testing, which earned the trust of the President and the people.  It was the reason why the President changed it from the Special Mission Brigade to the Presidential Guard.

Their primary task is ensuring public safety and security.  Within two years, four additional units were formed in the towns of Chkalovsk, Sarband, and Obigarm.  They had a similar structure to the rest of the military.

On January 26, 2004, the Presidential Guard was transformed into the National Guard.

The National Guard is under direct command of the President of Tajikistan.