In a statement delivered at the High-Level International Conference on “International and Regional Cooperation on Countering Terrorism and its Financing through Illicit Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime” in Dushanbe, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon noted on May 17 that extremist and radical groups wants to capture political power in Central Asia.  

Tajik leader, in particular, noted that activities of terrorist organizations and other extremist groups have assumed a trans-boundary nature affecting almost all countries of the world.

“Activities of international terrorist and extremist forces have shaken the foundations of international security and caused unstable situation in various regions of the world," Rahmon noted.  

In this context, Emomali Rahmon pointed to the necessity of strengthening potentials of counties and their special services for the purpose of preventing terrorism and extremism.   

Tajik president noted that it is also necessary to pay a special attention to resolution of social and economic problems, because the failure to resolve these problems can lead to radicalism.  

“As far as our region is concerned, it should be noted that activities of terrorist and extremist groups pose serious threat to the Central Asian nations,” Rahmon said.

Hiding behind ideas of religion and struggle for social justice they recruit supporters for themselves and use all means to capture the political power in the region, he added.  

Tajik leader also noted that the fact that terrorist and extremist organizations use information technologies to disseminate their extremist ideas and recruit people in their ranks evokes serious concern. 

“We tirelessly draw the attention of international community to the necessity of eliminating factors of political, military and financial support for international terrorism,” Rahmon noted.