A prosecutor in the trial of a 58-year-old Hojaroi Ashourova from Jomi district in Khatlon province, who buried her three-year-old grandson alive, yesterday asked the Khatlon regional court to sentence Ashourova to a 20-year prison term. 

Hoharoi Ashourova reportedly confessed to killing her grandson.  In her last plea, she said the baby had become victim of her constant scandals with his mother, an official source at the Khatlon prosecutor’s office told Asia-Plus in an interview.   

According to him, the investigation has established that Hojaroi Ashourova found guilty of murder after she buried her three-year-old grandson alive in ravine in September this year.

She reportedly buried her three-year-old grandson Behrouzjon alive in ravine in the district on September 12.  The baby’s body was found six days later.

A verdict against Hojaroi Ashourova is expected today.