The death toll from a traffic accident that took place in Russia’s Saratov oblast on October 30 has risen to five as one the hospitalized accident victims has died, according to the Saratov regional traffic police directorate.  

Recall, Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency reported that four Tajik nationals were killed and seven others were injured on October 30 as minivan Volkswagen Caravelle collided with heavy truck KamAz in the Saratov oblast, the Russian Federation.

The accident reportedly took place on R-158 highway Monday night.

RIA Novosti says that according to the preliminary investigation, KamAz driver is at fault in the accident.  He reportedly did not make way for the minivan, which had advantage of traffic.     

As a result of the collision, four Tajik nationals died on the spot and seven others sustained various injuries.  Five of them were hospitalized, while two others who sustained minor injuries left the scene of the accident on their own.