President Emomali Rahmon has instructed to review a mechanism of providing tax benefits.  He has ordered relevant bodies to draft a law on the procedure of providing tax benefits and assessing effectiveness of tax benefits.  

Addressing a meeting of senior representatives of fiscal agencies and banks, Emomali Rahmon noted on May 10 that improvement of the mechanism of providing tax and customs benefits will give  an opportunity to plan properly the revenue and the expenditure parts of the budget and eliminate corruption factors during budgeting.  

According to him, the mechanism and terms of providing benefits as well as the statistical registration of them are not streamlined. 

The head of state noted that nearly 100 kinds of benefits are provided for entrepreneurial activity in Tajikistan. 

Rahmon further noted that ensuring the effectiveness of the system of benefits influences the quality of public finances.   

“Last year, the country failed to fulfill plan two kinds of taxes – income tax and value added tax (VAT).  As a result, the budget received nearly 420 million less, including 8.3 million on the income tax and 411 million on VAT,” Tajik leader said, adding that six cities and districts last year failed to fulfill their tax collection targets.