The National Bank of Tajikistan has excluded another company “Tajik Audit Consulting” from the list of audit organizations. It has been involved in auditing microfinance organizations.

«The company lost its license for “providing an inaccurate audit report”, as well as non-compliance with a number of regulatory acts of the NBT and international financial reporting standards when auditing credit institutions», - reports the press service of the regulator.

The report notes that the company was excluded from the list of audit organizations having the right to conduct an audit of credit institutions in the Republic of Tajikistan on October 3.

Earlier, on September 14 of this year, the NBT for similar deficiencies deprived the license of the company "Auditorium Sh. Adolat" and "BMCh Audit". For the same violations last year, the audit company “Grant Thornton” was excluded from the list.

Currently, there are 10 audit firms on the NBT list that are allowed to audit credit institutions: “Toj-Audit” LLC, “Deloitte & Touche” LLC, “Consultant Audit” LLC, “BDO” LLC, “Audit-Consulting” LLC, “Baker Tilly Tajikistan” LLC, “Crowe Horvat ACG”, “RSM Tajikistan” LLC, “CRESTON AS” LLC and Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder.

Another company, “Shark-Audit”, has the right to conduct an audit of microfinance organizations.