A delegation from Tajikistan textile and clothing sector yesterday started its week-long study tour program in Uzbekistan.  The ground breaking initiative is meant to enhance the knowledge of Tajik textile and clothing industry leaders on neighboring Uzbekistan’s latest experiences in the field and initiate new business cooperation, according to the International Trade Center (ITC) Tajikistan. 

The Tajik delegation reportedly includes senior representatives from seventeen Tajik textile and clothing companies, two consulting companies, two universities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Union of Private Sector Development, as well as international organizations.  The delegation members will take full advantage of this opportunity to understand the current state of the textile and clothing industry in Uzbekistan and establish direct business linkages.

The visit is jointly organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tajikistan, “Uztextilprom” Association, Tajik consulting companies “ACT Development Group” and “Business Consulting Group” under the International Trade Center’s Global Textiles and Clothing Program (GTEX) funded by the Government of Switzerland.

The delegation will visit the leading textile and clothing companies in Tashkent, a local university and a business association, clothing stores, as well as meet with the Uzbek counterparts to discuss possible cooperation at different levels and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation.

Saidmumin Kamolov, ITC National Program Manager in Tajikistan, says, the textile and clothing industry in Uzbekistan is considered an important export-oriented sector and is dynamically growing. Uzbekistan is among top-ten cotton producers in the world, but currently mostly exports cotton yarn, which reportedly accounts for around 60% of the total textile export volume.  Under the new economic reforms, the country plans to shift from export of raw cotton into ready garment.  Mr. Kamolov adds: “We are thoroughly happy with the new developments in relationships between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which has provided us with this opportunity to organize a visit to this country and learn from its experiences.  Familiarization with the state support to the textile and clothing industry in Uzbekistan is also in the agenda of the tour.  I believe that the visit will be productive for Tajik textile and clothing stakeholders to give them some ideas to improve the business environment in the country and to open doors to a new market and new business contacts”.

The Tajikistan delegation will experience the daily work of the Uzbek textile and clothing companies, and get familiarized with the overall business environment and procedures in the country.  The trip will give the sectoral associations and other TISIs, academia, as well as companies from both countries a right moment to establish direct contacts and consider prospects for further cooperation, including possibilities of establishing joint ventures.  Through this initiative, Tajik enterprises can study and identify a potential market for sourcing operations as well (purchase of raw materials and accessories, fabrics, synthetic yarn, etc.).

The International Trade Center, supported by the Government of Switzerland, aims to increase the export competitiveness of the Tajik textile and clothing sector by supporting sector companies, and relevant trade support institutions from both public and private sectors.

This year Switzerland celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Dushanbe.  Within the framework of a comprehensive cooperation and development program, Switzerland has supported the people and the government of Tajikistan in reforming the health, water and natural resource management sectors, in increasing access to justice and in facilitating the country’s transition towards a market economy.  Switzerland invests approximately 20 million USD per year in projects implemented in all parts of Tajikistan.