Uzbekistan Airways has again lowered the passenger fares for the Tashkent-Dushanbe-Tashkent flight.

According to Uzbekistan Airways’ office in Dushanbe, a ticket for the flight, previously 1010 somoni, now costs 910 somoni.

A round trip ticket for this flight now costs 1,585 somoni, Orif Rouzimurodov, representative of Uzbekistan Airways in Dushanbe, told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

He further noted that the fares had been lowered for the purpose of attracting more passengers.

Asked whether Tajik nationals could fly from Tashkent airport to other countries, Rouzimurodov said Tajik passengers can stay in the transit zone of the Tashkent airport without visa only 48 hours.        

“During tourism fairs that took place in Tashkent and Dushanbe this month, it has been decided to develop tourist packages for three- and four-day individual, family and group travels to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan,” Rouzimurodov added.   

As it had been reported earlier, Uzbekistan in early October lowered passenger fares for Tashkent-Dushanbe-Tashkent flight from 1,230 somoni to 1,010 somoni.  Price cutting has reportedly resulted from increase in passenger traffic.  

Recall, Uzbekistan Airways has operated the regular flights from Tashkent to Dushanbe since April this year.

The first flight was operated on April 11.  It was the first regular flight between Tashkent and Dushanbe since 1992.  With the exception of a test flight on February 10, there had been no direct civilian flights between the two capitals since 1992.

Uzbekistan’s national air carrier now operates once-weekly service from Tashkent to Dushanbe on Tuesdays.