DUSHANBE, September 18, 2015, Asia-Plus – The Interior Ministry of Tajikistan is reportedly preparing documents to turn to Interpol over the Islamic Revival Party (IRP) leader Muhiddin Kabiri.

An official source at the Interior Ministry says the documents for detention and extradition of Kabiri will be sent to the country where he is probably living now.    

“Criminal proceedings have not yet been instituted against Muhiddin Kabiri, but the Prosecutor-general’s Office is going to institute criminal proceedings against him one of these days,” the source added.

We will recall that in a statement released on September 17, the Prosecutor-General''s Office said the Deputy Defense Minister, Abduhalim Nazarzoda, who was killed in a special operation on September 16    after the Tajik authorities attacks on a police station and weapons depot, was acting on orders from Kabiri and the IRP’s leadership.

The Prosecutor-General''s Office said the Islamic Revival Party’s aim was to create a network of 20 criminal groups.

The Prosecutor’s Office on September 4 instituted criminal proceedings against masterminds and participants of the attacks under seven articles of Tajikistan’s Penal Code: Article 187 – organizing a criminal group; Article 199 – seizure of weapons and ammunition; Article 104 – murder; Article 181 – hostage taking; Article 179 – terrorism; Article 329 -- threat against law enforcement officers; and Article 392 – office abuse.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office also named thirteen leaders and activists of the IRP it said were suspected of abetting the plot, saying that they had been arrested to prevent more terrorist attacks in the country.

Kabiri has rejected officials'' accusation that he ordered a deadly mutiny in early September by a serving deputy defense minister.  On September 17, Muhiddin Kabiri told Radio Liberty via electronic message that he absolutely denies all the accusations, as neither he nor his party have anything to do with those developments.

Muhiddin Kabiri is currently in self-imposed exile in Turkey.   IRP leader went into exile in June fearing prosecution.   In early June the state-run newspaper Jumhuriyat published an article accusing IRP leader, who was out of the country at the time, of breaking the law during a property transaction 16 years ago.