Tajik Interior Ministry is hosting a session of special youth crime prevention collegiums.

The session, which opened today, is presided over by Tajik Interior Minister, Lieutenant General Ramazon Rahimov. The collegiums consists of members of the collegiums of the interior ministry, officers from related services dealing with youth crimes.

As reported by Tajik Interior Ministry, session participants have discussed youth crime prevention, ongoing youth neglect and abuse prevention measures. Both law enforcement structures and society are concerned over the growing rate of youth crimes. In the course of his recent meeting with students and university teachers Tajik Interior Minister stressed that one fourth of all crimes in the country are committed by young people.

“These are mainly crimes referring to illicit drug trafficking, theft and hooliganism. The number of fights with the use of cold arms is also growing. Thus, students committed 25 such crimes in the first four months this year,” Tajik Interior Minister said.

These figures are quite high for such small country as Tajikistan, he added.