DUSHANBE, August 28, 2013, Asia-Plus –  Tajik Communist Party Congress will be held in early September, where the Communist Party candidate for president will be named.

Shadi Shabdalov, Leader of the Communist Party, told Asia-Plus that currently process for election of delegates is going on in the country’s regions.

Mr. Shabdalov said: “Communist of Soghd and Khatlan have chosen their delegates, and we are waiting for delegate list from Badakhshan and central subordination districts.”

He further noted that the Tajik Communist Party will not join any coalition with other parties during the presidential elections.

“The Communist Party also does not intend to support the single candidate from other political parties of the country for the post of head of state.”

According to him, the decision is based on ideological principles.

Mr. Shabdalov said: “Due to ideological reasoning, Communists cannot join a coalition neither with the Islamic Revival Party, nor with the Social-Democrats, or any other political parties. We cannot even have a single candidate with the ruling People’s Democratic Party, since we do not recognize the privatization of state property, but PDPT supports such policies.”