DUSHANBE, July 7, 2014, Asia-Plus – Involvement of youths in extremist organization poses serious threat to the country’s security, deputy director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Tajikistan, Sayfullo Safarov, told journalists in Dushanbe on July 7.

“Threats to our country’s security are different; there are both internal and external threats,” said a senior expert from Tajik think tank.  “However, the most serious threat emanates from young Tajiks joining extremist groups.”

Hundreds of young Tajiks are currently in Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Safarov noted.  “Part of our youths has remained outside of schools and the education system during the civil war and after it.  Some children have been growing up away from their parents who have been forced to leave the country seeking better employment opportunities.”

“Such conditions create a feeding ground for youth to join extremist groups,” the deputy director of the Center for Strategic Studies said.

He further added that the Center planned to conduct a survey in the second half-year of 2014 to study the main reasons for youths joining violent extremist groups.