DUSHANBE, July 30, 2012, Asia-Plus -- The Islamic Revival Party (IRP) has officially confirmed the murder of Sabzali Mamadrizoyev, the head of IRP’s organization for Gorno Badakhshan in Khorog.

We will recall that Asia-Plus reported on July 27 that according to some sources Sabzali Mamadrizoyev was killed in Khorog on July 25.  

A video about demonstration that took place in Khorog on July 23, a day before the military operation was launched, was posted on YouTube and one of those addressing the demonstration was Sabzali Mamadrizoyev.  Mamadrizoyev criticized poor social and economic situation in the country and inactivity of the authorities.

According to IRP’s headquarters in Khorog, one of the party activists in Gorno Badakhshan confirmed the murder of Sabzali Mamadrizoyev after the fixed-line communications services in Khorog were restored.

“After the July 23 meeting, Sabzali Mamadrizoyev was detained by the law enforcement authorities and taken to the Khorog border unit,” said the IRP member from Khorog.  “He was severely beaten there and then shot from the assault rifle Kalashnikov.  Mamadrizoyev’s body was found three days later and he was buried on July 26.”

The IRP activist from Khorog also denied rumors that Sabzali Mamadrizoyev was allegedly member of the illegal armed grouping as absolutely baseless.  According him, Sabzali Mamadrizoyev was killed for his speech at the demonstration on July 23.

Sabzali Mamadrizoyev, 32, was elected to head IRP’s organization in Gorno Badakhshan on July 17, 2011.  As of January 1, 2012, IRP’s organization in Gorno Badakhshan reportedly had 3,000 members.