Dushanbe. 26 August. “Asia-Plus” – The Head of Khatlan Province, Ghaybulla Afzal, during his speech at the personal reception of the population in Khavaling District on Saturday, said that 53 mosques for 48 thousand population is an overkill.

The Head of Province added: “Mosque is a house of Allah, where people come with the innermost; it’s not an agitation and propaganda club of certain political parties and ideas, which is mostly the case here.” He gave certain orders to law-enforcement agencies and special services to conduct a thorough inspection of all places of worship for their conformity to the laws of the country.

According to Mr. Afzal, the law provides for 1 mosque for a population of 10 thousand, but in Khavaling District a thousand will not be reached for one mosque. The Province Head also questioned effectiveness of control over the the Law on Regulation of Customs and Traditions.

He said: “Law-abiding of Khavaling population is pleasantly enviable. In seven months while holding over 350 weddings and other rituals, only 1 law violation. However, I am inclined to perceive little control on law implementation.” He gave orders to the Religious Affairs Department and jamaat officials to approach responsibly to law control.