DUSHANBE, October 11, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- Chairperson of the Committee for Family and Women’s Affairs, Ms. Khayrinisso Yusufi, is now in Moscow, where she is holding a series of meetings with Tajik female labor migrants working there.  

In a report released at a press conference in Dushanbe, Deputy Chairperson of the of the Committee for Family and Women’s Affairs, Ms. Qimmatgul Aliberdiyeva, noted on October 10 that Ms. Yusufi wills stay for a week in Moscow to study the reasons for increase in the number of Tajik women leaving country in search of seasonal work.  

According to her, representatives of the migration service within the Ministry of Interior as well as some international organizations active in Tajikistan and dealing with labor migration and gender problems are accompanying Ms. Yusufi on her trip to Russia.  

Asked about the number of Tajik women currently working abroad as labor migrants, Aliberdiyeva said that there are no yet reliable statistics on that issue.  “In the near future, senior representatives of the committee intend to visit Kazakhstan and China, where quite a lot of Tajik women currently work as labor migrants,” she said, noting that a press conference will be given on the results of those trips.