DUSHANBE, August 23, 2012, Asia-Plus – Reports from Khorog, where the demonstration started yesterday morning to protest the murder of informal leader of Gorno Badakhshan Imomnazar Imomnazarov, say the situation in the regional capital remains unchanged.

Many of those who gathered in Vahdat Square in Khorog Wednesday morning stood overnight in the square and tents have been installed in some places that points to the fact that people are not going to disperse until the authorities fulfill their main condition – to withdraw government troops from Khorog.  Another condition is the resignation of GBAO governor Qodir Qosim.

According to some data, residents of other districts of Gorno Badakhshan have been coming to the square in Khorog since yesterday.

An extraordinary meeting of the Khorog local council (Majlis) with participation of GBAO governor and senior representatives of the power-wielding structures will take place today and organizers of unauthorized demonstration are expected to apply to the Khorog authorities for an official permission to hold the demonstration.  Only after this, demonstrators may officially demand the withdrawal of government troops from the city.