QURGHON TEPPA, October 21, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- Cotton farmers in Khatlon’s Danghara district are expected to fulfill their cotton target today.  

Speaking in an interview with Asia-Plus, the head of the Danghara district Mahmadullo Saydaliyev said that they have reached 99 percent of the target to this date.  The Danghara farmers have pledged to yield 6,200 tons of cotton this year.  

“Two Danghara jamoats – Sangtuda and Ismat Sharif – have already fulfilled their targets and Oqsou, Lolazor and Korez should report on fulfillment of their cotton targets today evening,” the Danghara head said.  

According to him, local farming units have reported cotton yields of 1.2 to 3.0 tons per one hectare this year.  “Danghara cotton farmers have already repaid some 50 percent of loans taken from banks and the remainder will be repaid after sale of cotton harvests,” Saydaliyev said.