DUSHANBE, March 12, 2015, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER) has published the final results of the parliamentary elections that took place in the country March 1.

“According to the final parliamentary election results, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) received 65.4 percent of the votes cast in the March 1 elections (according to the preliminary results, 65.2 percent), the Agrarian Party (APT) – 11.7 percent (11.8 percent), the Party of Economic Reforms (PER) – 7.5 percent (7.6 percent), and the Socialist Party (SPT) – 5.5 percent (5.5 percent),” Abdumannon Dodozoda, the head of the CCER’s office, told Asia-Plus in an interview.

Thus, 16 PDP members, 3 APT members, 2 PER members and 1 SPT member came to the Majlisi Namoyandagon (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament) from party lists.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party (CPT), the Islamic Revival Party (IRP), the Democratic Party (DPT) and the Social-Democratic Party (SDP) failed to clear the 5 percent threshold needed to win parliamentary seats.

The CPT reportedly garnered only 2.2 percent in the March 1 vote (according to the preliminary results, 2.3 percent), the IRP – 1.6 percent (1.5 percent), the DPT – 1.7 percent (1.7 percent), and the SDP – 0.5 percent (0.5 percent).

In all, 103 candidates competed for 22 seats in the 63-seat lower parliament house from party lists.

Besides, 182 candidates competed for 41 seats in the Majlisi Namoyandagon in single-mandate constituencies.

The PDP, led by President Emomali Rahmon, won elections in 35 single-mandate constituencies the APT and the CPT in 2 single-mandate constituencies each, and the PER and the DPT in one single-mandate constituency each.        

Tajikistan’s Parliament (Majlisi Oli) has two chambers: the Assembly of Representatives (Majlisi Namoyandagon) and the National Assembly (Majlisi Milli).  Majlisi Namoyandagon has 63 members, elected for a five-year term in, 22 by proportional representation (party list) and 41 in single-seat constituencies.