KONIBODOM, July 9, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- The building of the Konibodom Music and Drama Theatre named after Tuhfa Fozilova, which was built in the early 1930s already, requires major repairs and restoration.    

According to Ms Zarrina Rahimjonova, the chairperson of the Kunibodom culture department, only current repairs have been made to the theatre while there have been no funds for major repairs.   

In this connection, the Konibodom culture department has decided to apply to the Ministry of Culture (MoC) for money for the major repairs.    

“The point is that construction of a new building requires huge funds, and therefore, we have decided to make major repairs to the theatre’s building,” Ms. Rahimjonova said, noting that compared to the previous years financing of the culture sector has increased.    

 “Last year alone, 13,500 somonis were provided by MoC’s budget for stocking of funds of the Konibodom city library and 50,000 somonis and 37,400 somonis were provided from the regional and city budgets respectively for a new Children’s School of Art, acquisition of transport and costumes for players,” the culture department head said.