DUSHANBE, July 30, 2012, Asia-Plus – Tajik President Emomali Rahmon is expected to sign a decree offering amnesty to participants of the clashes in Khorog within the next few days.

Asia-Plus’s correspondent reports from Khorog that such an agreement was allegedly reached during negotiations between representatives of official Dushanbe and leaders of armed groups having resisting the government troops in Khorog, the capital of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region since July 24.

The sides reportedly agreed that Tolib Ayombekov and two other persons directly involved in the murder of General Abdullo Nazarov will be brought to justice.  Two other persons who were present at the crime but were not involved will be amnestied.

The sides reportedly also reached the preliminary agreement that a special guard consisting of members of the armed groups of Imomnazar Imomnazarov, Yodgor Mamadaslamov, Mamadboqir Mamadboqirov and Tolib Ayombekov that have resisted the government troops in Khorog will be set up to maintain security in Gorno Badakhshan.

“We are ready to sign appropriate documents only in the presence of representatives of the OSCE Office in Tajikistan,” Imomnazar Imomnazarov told Asia-Plus in an interview.  “Representatives of the government have promised us that they will begin to withdraw troops from the region as soon as we begin to lay down our arms.  However, they have not done that yet, although many weapons and ammunition have been laid down to this day.”

Meanwhile, Asia-Plus’s correspondent reports from Khorog that according to some data, Tolib Ayombekov was seriously wounded and he is currently in one of villages adjacent to Khorog.

The fighting began when government forces launched an operation in the eastern Gorno-Badakhshan region against what it called "militants" following the murder of a high-level security official there on July 21.

The government has blamed Tolib Ayombekov, a former warlord from the civil war, for the murder of regional security chief General Abdullo Nazarov.