DUSHANBE, March 29, Asia-Plus  -- Two important events for Tajiks living and studying in the Omaha State took place at the Thompson Center at the University of Nebraska on March 19 -- they  jointly celebrated the Navrouz Holiday and presentation of the first American-Tajik Association (ATA) was held.

Some 140 representatives of Tajikistan, guests from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Turkey as well as leading professors from the U.S. colleges and universities, at which hundreds of Tajik students are currently studying, took part in the vents.

ATA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization representing interests of the Tajik Diaspora in the United States and its activity is aimed at helping the Tajik Diaspora integrate better into the American society.

The establishment of the association was initiated by Shavkat Zoyidov and Shukrullo Khojayev.  They, in particular noted, “Taking into account increasing number of Tajiks arriving in the United States to study and work, we have advanced an idea to unite Tajik studying and working here into the single organization.”  According to them, the Association unites not only Tajik nationals, among its members are also ethic Tajiks who are citizens of the United States.

Speaking at the association-opening ceremony, Tajik Ambassador to the United States Abdujabbor Shirinov congratulated those present on the Navrouz Holiday and expressed gratitude to Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle for cordial welcome.

350 Tajiks now live and study in the Nebraska State.