KULOB, July 20, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- 21 cases of polio have been reported in 10 districts of the Kulob zone in Khatlon province over the first six moths of this year, the deputy head of the Khatlon health directorate in charge of the Kulob zone, Mirzoali Miraliyev, remarked at a news conference in Kulob on July 19.

According to him, 91 local residents have been hospitalized over the report period on suspicion of having contracted the disease and 21 of them have been diagnosed with polio.

“No polio cases have been reported in the area over the past two months, following a national polio immunization campaign in the country,” Miraliyev said, noting that 1,242,372 people have bee vaccinated against polio.

He added that the ministry of health was taking measures to open a polio detection laboratory in Dushanbe.