Tajik army recruitment campaign reached a 59% level.

Army recruitment campaign in Khatlon reached a 70% level, 48% in GBAO, 50% in Sughd, 61% in RRS and 50% in Dushanbe, a spokesman for Tajik Ministry of Defense Faridun Mahmadaliev told AP.

The army recruitment plan was completed in Nurek and Sarband cities, Temurmalik region of Khatlon province.

Defense officials say this year’s delay is connected to the fact that recruitment commissions pay more attention to the quality of recruitment and health condition of recruits.

Khorog city and Dushanbe region of Ismoili Somoni have the most critical delay and fulfilled this year’s recruitment plan by 32 and 34 percent respectively.

Nevertheless, Mahmadaliev is confident that this year’s recruitment campaign will be finished on time by May 31.