KHUJAND, March 15, 2012, Asia-Plus  -- Officers from the Customs Service’s office for Sughd province have reportedly seized a large amount of heroin while inspecting cargo in a freight yard of the Khujand railway station.

An official source at the Customs Service’s office for Sughd province says customs officers found 15.165 kilograms of heroin while inspecting the Sverdlovsk-bound freight car loaded with dried fruits on March 14.

“The cargo belongs to the 36-year-old resident of the Vorukh jamoat in the Isfara district, H.K.,” said the source.  “The law enforcement authorities are currently taking measures to detain him.”

According to the statistical data from the Drug Control Agency (DCA)’s office for Sughd province, local law enforcement authorities have seized more than 93 kilograms of narcotics over the first two months of this year.  A totaled reportedly included more than 11 kilograms of heroin and some 92 kilograms of hashish.