Muhammadi Tillozoda, son of chairman of the Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan and deputy of the Lower Chamber of Tajikistan’s Parliament Muhiddin Kabiri, is currently under arrest in the Vakhdat Temporary Detention Center.

Tillozoda was arrested in suspicion of a crime under article 212 of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan (violation of traffic rules and exploitation of transport means), Traffic Police Unit of the Tajik Interior Ministry told AP.

On May 3 this year Tillozoda, 21, hit a schoolboy who died the next day in Vakhdat’s hospital from multiple injuries.

“The tragedy occurred on the day of his mother’s funeral when Tillozoda was driving his Toyota Camry too fast and hit Muhsiddin Ortykov, a 12-year-old resident of Andigoni Bolo village, who died the next day from multiple injuries,” the source reported.

IRPT told AP that the party urged Tajik law enforcement authorities who investigate the accident to carry out careful investigation in line with the law.

Currently IRPT’s leader Muhiddin Kabiri is on his business trip to one of the Arabic countries. Kabiri’s son is a student of one of Malaysia’s universities.