DUSHANBE, January 23, 2014, Asia-Plus -- The Islamic Revival Party leader Muhiddin Kabiri, who is also member of Tajikistan’s lower house (Majlisi Namoyandagon) of parliament, participated in the 27th International Islamic Unity Conference that took place in the Iranian capital Tehran on January 17-19.

“In a statement delivered at the conference, Muhiddin Kabiri dwelled on main problems facing Muslim world and a world without violence,” said a source at IRP’s headquarters in Dushanbe.  “IRP leader, in particular, noted that although Islam is the religion of peace, love, dialogue and accord, the fact that Islamic countries have turned into hotbeds of war and instability evokes serious concern.”

Kabiri reportedly noted that murder and violence among Muslims had become a common practice.  “Unfortunately, there are persons in Muslim world who, using name of Islam as cover, pass death sentences on other Muslims…”

IRP leader also touched upon psychological and philosophical aspects of conflicts in Muslim world and noted that the hard work should be put in politics, science, or economics in order to make anything for society.  “However, there are groups of people who try to get status in society by means of extremist actions.  Of course, enemies of Islam use such persons for their own ends and create hostility among Muslims…”

Kabiri also stressed that when moderate forces lost initiative, extremists would take their place.  “As a result of this Muslim world will become victim of violence and murders.  Today, Muslim world is in need of recovery of wounds sustained from that violence and internecine wars.  I believe that our unity and fraternity are the best remedy for these wounds…”

IRP leader also underlined the significance of development of science and economics for Muslim world.  “Security, peace and unity are guarantee of development of science, economics and prosperity in Muslim World,” Kabiri stressed.

Iranian media source report that the 27th International Islamic Unity Conference brought together hundreds of religious thinkers and scholars from around the world.  According to Press TV, more than 300 prominent Muslim scholars and thinkers from 58 countries took part in the three-day event titled “The Holy Quran and Its Role in Uniting the Islamic Ummah.”

The conference reportedly focused on the holy Quran and its role in consolidation of solidarity among Islamic Ummah as well as the issue of Palestine.