On October 17-20, Mr. Akiyuki Tsutsui, Head of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Embassy of Japan in Dushanbe, was in the Sughd province to  conduct handover ceremonies of several project supported under the framework of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).

According to Japan’s Embassy, the first handover ceremony for “The Project for Provision of Agricultural Machinery to Paldorak Jamoat, Mastchoh District” took place on October 17 in Paldorak jamoat.  The total grant amount of USD 83,230 was provided to the local government of Mastchoh District from the Government of Japan for acquiring agricultural machinery aiming at improving of agricultural sector in the district.

On October 18, Mr. Tsutsui reportedly joined the handover ceremony for “The Project for Construction of Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities in Konibodom City”.  The Local Government of Konibodom City received USD 83,409 in order to construct a center where children with disabilities will receive a qualitative assistance and go through rehabilitation procedures.

On October 19, Mr. Tsutsui visited Shahriston district to take part in the handover ceremony for “The Project for Rehabilitation of the Central Clinic of Shahriston District”.  For complete rehabilitation of the central clinic, the grant of USD 82,600 was provided to the Local Government of Shahriston District.  With the successful project completion, the population of the district has an opportunity to receive improved medical services.

On October 20, the handover ceremony of “The Project for Renovation of School No. 18 in Shurmashk Village, Fondaryo Jamoat, Ayni District” took place in Shurmashk village.  With the grant assistance of USD 56,875 allocated to the Local Government of the district, the school has been fully rehabilitated and better studying conditions were ensured for students and teachers of the school.

On the same day, Mr. Hajime Kitaoka, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Tajikistan, attended the handover ceremony of “The Project for Construction of School No.29 in Khojabulbulon Village, Esanboy Jamoat, Roudaki District”.  For realization of the project, total grant amount of USD 83,026 was allocated for construction of a modern school building due to which the education environment of the school was significantly improved.  Through the project, the local executive authority equipped the school with tables and chairs. 

Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) is a scheme within Japan’s Official Development Assistance.  GGP in particular implements grassroots-level projects in various sectors throughout Tajikistan.  Recipients of GGP grants include local governments, educational and medical institutions, and NGOs.  As of today, GGP has reportedly supported 380 projects in Tajikistan, for which US$ $30.7 million has been allocated since 1996.