Tajik bikers making a motorbike journey through the United States were in New York on May 17-18.

Former Dushnbinians living in New York have held warm reception for them at Aziza Restaurant. 

A total length of the journey through 20 States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean is about 10,000 kilometers.

The route goes from Key West in Florida across Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, New York, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee and Grand Canyon to Los Angeles.

Recall, It is already the third action of Tajik bikers under their own project, We Are the Tajiks.

In 2015, Tajik bikers made an international motorbike journey We Are the Tajiks-1 through the CIS nations and Turkey with a total length of 13,000 kilometers.

In 2016, they made a 7,000-kilometer motorbike journey, dubbed We Are the Tajiks-2: Gallop through Europe.  They traveled through 12 European countries. 

This year’s motorbike journey is dubbed We Are the Tajiks-3: The Way to the West.

The main objective of the action is reportedly in acquainting residents of foreign countries with Tajikistan.

Traveling by motorcycle is one of the most liberating ways of exploring the world.  The art of adventure riding a motorcycle is both a convenient, fun, independent and flexible way of traveling.