The Interior Ministry has confirmed the fact of the suicide attempt outside the Dushanbe mayor’s office but it denied that a man attempted to commit suicide because of ban put on so-called three-somoni taxis.

A statement posted on the Interior Ministry’s website says Hikmatullo Sharipov, 37, attempted to commit suicide at around 4:30 pm on April 11 while passing by the mayor’s office.  He was reportedly hospitalized after cutting his own throat.  

The Interior Ministry says Sharipov attempted to commit suicide following family quarrel.  “Hikmatullo Sharipov made a suicide attempt being in a state of mental disorder,” the statement said.  

According to the statement, Sharipov is currently in stable condition in the Medgorodok hospital.

The Dushanbe prosecutor’s office has reportedly launched an investigation into the incident.  

Meanwhile, users of social networks wrote on April 11 that a man of about 40 years old has committed suicide outside the mayor’s new office, the former presidential palace, at around 4:30 pm by cutting his own throat.

According to some sources, he was earning his living by driving a 3-somoni taxi but he lost his job after the three-somoni taxis had been banned in Dushanbe.  

He reportedly came to the mayor’s office on April 11 in order to meet with anybody of its senior representatives.  But they allegedly turned him out without listening to him.