An accident involving three heavy dump-trucks has paralyzed traffic through the Shahriston Tunnel in the northern Sughd province for more than four hours.

According to the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CES) under the Government of Tajikistan, the accident involving three heavy dump-trucks took place inside the Shahriston Tunnel yesterday evening.

Two heavy dump-trucks moving from Khujand to Dushanbe collided with a heavy dump-truck that was moving from Dushanbe to Khujand, an official source at the CES told Asia-Plus today morning. 

As a result of the collision, the drivers got stuck in cabins and traffic through the Shahriston tunnel was paralyzed for more than four hours – from 6:14 pm to 10:18 pm, the source said.

Only rescuers who came to the accident site managed to take the drivers out of cabins and they were taken to the Shahriston central district hospital.