Warmer temperatures have increased the risk of snow-slides in Tajikistan.

The Interior Ministry’s website reports that one resident of Rasht district (eastern Tajikistan) was killed by a snow-slide yesterday morning.

Two young men were reportedly gathering firewood when an avalanche hit the area.  One of them was buried by the snow-slide while the other one managed to escape with his life.  

The risk of avalanches has definitely increased in Tajikistan, because the weather is not cold these days and the sun is shining in most places.  This makes the snow heavier and increases the risk of avalanches. 

Tajikistan is prone to various natural disasters, including earthquakes, landslides, floods, avalanches and drought. 

Avalanches are frequent in Tajikistan, especially in the Pamir mountains, which have an average altitude of almost 4,000 m with a number of peaks above 7,000 m.