Deputy Prime Minister, Azim Ibrohim, yesterday held a meeting to discuss issues related to preparing Dushanbe’s heating system for heating season 2017-2018.

He, in particular, ordered director of the Dushanbe heating system to take adequate measures to bring the system into compliance with modern requirements in order to ensure the regular work of the city heating system during the autumn-winter season.

“To ensure regular heat transfer elevators, pumping stations and purifying plants must be in good operating condition.  Specialists should make an examination of these facilities in accordance with the approved plan,” the prime minister said.      

Ibrohim stressed that 1.080 million tons of coal are needed this year to ensure regular operation of the city’s combined power and heating plants during autumn-winter period.  “We still have only 200,000 tons of coal in stock,” the deputy prime minister added.