DUSHANBE, November 5, 213, Asia-Plus -- Some Tajik labor migrants working in St. Petersburg and the nearby Gatchinskiy and Nevskiy districts have cast votes before Election Day.

According to the Tajik migration service agency, they cast votes on November 4.

This has become possible due to Article 30 of Tajikistan’s Constitutional Law “On the Election of the President of the Republican of Tajikistan.”  Article 30 provides for early voting for people who work on polling day.

The labor migrants reportedly cast their ballots in mobile ballot boxes brought to them by members of the precinct election commission (PEC).

We will recall that additional PECs are established outside of Tajikistan to facilitate out-of-country voting.  In Russia, polling stations have been established in the following cities and regions: Moscow; St. Petersburg; Tver; Tula; Yaroslavl; Ryazan, Kaliningrad; Saratov, Volgograd; Kazan; Ufa; Nizhny Novgorod; Krasnodar; Astrakhan; Yekaterinburg; Tyumen; Krasnoyarsk; Blagoveshchensk; Chelyabinsk; Novosibirsk; Samara; Perm; Khabarovsk; and the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.