DUSHANBE, March 6, 2012, Asia-Plus – The Association of Internet Providers of Tajikistan has made a statement over the blockage of access to a number of websites, including Facebook.

The statement, in particular, says that local Internet service providing companies received official verbal or written notice from the Communications Service to block access to a number of websites “in connection with prophylactic technical work.”

The Association notes that it is against introduced restrictions and calls on the country’s leadership and international community to pay attention to that problem and assist with solving it.  The Association also applies to the Communications Service under the Government of Tajikistan with solicitation to revoke its notice on blocking access to the websites.

According to the Association of Interne Providers of Tajikistan, restriction of access to social network services will lead to exclusion of local users and producers of information products from such networks that will affect development of Tajikistan’s information space.

We will recall that the letter signed by one of deputy chairpersons of the Communications Service and released on March 2, in particular, asks Tajik Internet service providing companies to block access to Facebook.com, zvezda.ru, tjknews.com, maxala.org and centrasia.ru “in connection with prophylactic technical work.”

Residents of Tajikistan have not been able to access a number of independent websites, including Facebook, since last Saturday.